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Arteek means unmatched selections, exquisite quality, and lavish design. Arteek means clean, unique vision. We are the home design center in Orlando Florida who strives to be the one-stop shop at home design center you can count on for all of your remodel, renovation and appliance needs. Arteek isn’t just any home remodel and appliance store in Orlando; we’re an all-in-one warehouse for design, appliances, cabinets, counter tops, paint, and so much more. Our 15,000 square foot showroom is ideal for anyone seeking to remodel, renovate or build.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary kitchen design in Orlando is within an arm’s reach. Choose from a wide selection of high quality kitchen cabinets. Our mission is to inspire homemakers, designers, and contractors on options for beautiful new kitchen designs.

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Arteek’s plumbing services are unrivaled at the very core. From an idea to the finished product, we offer top quality plumbing accessories for kitchens and bathrooms at our premiere plumbing store in orlando.

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At the heart of your home is your kitchen. When it comes to contemporary kitchen design in Orlando, your choice should not be an afterthought. Arteek offers several types of magnificent kitchen countertops.

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We are an appliance store in Orlando to offer you high end kitchen and bath appliances to compliment any luxurious remodel or building project. From single family to multifamily projects.

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Arteek home design center in Orlando FL is fully committed to providing the highest quality interior paint, exterior paint and architectural coatings.

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Each home improvement project is unique. In order to complete these projects, a distinctive team of designers and contractors are needed.

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Arteek – Top Design Center in Orlando

Arteek isn’t only about supplying contractors and homeowners with the materials and products they need for a home renovation project or a hotel remodel. We stress the importance of customer service during each and every step of the process. We want our customers to know that we are here to help, whether it’s a small fix or a large construction project. Our home design center in Orlando exists with you in mind, offering a relaxed environment and professional help and advice. To put it another way, we are simply above the rest in this regard.
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Mission Statement

“We are one of the Nation’s premier home design centers absolutely dedicated to providing quality name brands with exemplary customer service. Since our inception, we have strived to be a one stop shop for home design, handing our customers the freedom of seeing their creativity as it comes to life. Builders, contractors, property managers, and homeowners are welcome to experience Arteek’s showroom while we continue our devotion to present a comfortable environment with the very best in customer satisfaction.”
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Kitchen cabinets Orlando

Many people are unhappy with the condition of the kitchen cabinets, but they keep them because it is costly and time-consuming to fully replace and install new cabinets. However there are options because you can choose to simply refinish the cabinets so that they look like new, but do not require nearly as much work. This will save both time and money for the home owner.

Kitchen cabinets refacing

The frames have veneer placed into them, drawers friends and doors replaced and new hardware is added. Experts will take the cabinets apart and the job can be done one part at a time. For example, once everything is a part, the boxes are we near it in once this is done, the new doors and drawers are put into place. Lastly, finishing touches like hardware or applied in the kitchen is fully cleaned and ready to use and enjoy.

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