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Have you been thinking about renovating your bathrooms? Maybe you want to give it the facelift it needs to transform into your dream relaxation oasis? No matter what your intentions, Arteek’s bath store in Orlando has you covered. From idea to reality, we will work with you to help you create exactly what you want, whether a modern look and feel or a more classic motif; we have the tools, the appliances, the hardware, and the expertise to deliver perfection. Arteek Supply offers a wide array of residential and commercial interior design services ranging from small condominiums to large, high-end custom home projects. Our bath store in Orlando is designed with the customer in mind, ensuring each and every client we take on finds exactly what they are looking for.

While Arteek offers a full range of design services, we are much more than just that. We have the name brand toilets, sinks, lighting and countertops you need, with the know-how to help you pick and choose exactly what you want. Our bath store in Orlando is unmatched by any others in the area. We promise to offer a large showroom and relaxing atmosphere to make your bathroom renovation, remodel, or new construction project pleasurable and easy.


We are proud to call ourselves your number one source for all of your remodeling needs. Our home and bath store in Orlando is dedicated to handing you a wide variety of kitchen and bath products, right here, on display in our showroom. You can walk in through our front door and be greeted by all the products, materials and brands you need under one roof. Don’t just let your imagination run wild, truly get in touch with your inner designer and put something together you will really love. Don’t let another bath store in Orlando leave you with a bad taste in your mouth – Arteek Supply will ensure the entire process is taken care of and you are one happy customer.

Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

1We often get asked why someone would choose to renovate or remodel the bathroom space in their home. As experts in this field and the favorite bath store in Orlando, we have come up with some rather good answers that we would love to share with you.

A bathroom remodel can breathe new life into your home. Especially in a place where you might come home from a long day and just need to relax with a nice hot bath. Imagine for a second that the favorite part of your day is waking up in the morning and walking into your dream bathroom. It can serve as a reason to brighten your day even before your day has even started. Our bath store in Orlando can make this happen for you with our design center, our name brand products and appliances, and our commitment to each and every customer in delivering something truly amazing.

Update/Fix existing problems

Nothing is worse than broken or loose tile, a leaking shower or bathtub, or cabinets that are falling apart and deteriorating before your eyes. The one thing you do not want in your bathroom is mold, and anything leaking can certainly cause this issue, so don’t hesitate to see this as a mega bonus when considering renovating your bathroom. You may also be sick and tired of staring at the same old tile every day and night. Maybe you just want to add some flavor, elegance, or ambience to your bathroom. Arteek’s bath store in Orlando can help you.

Increased Personal / Storage Space

interior of luxury bathroom in hotel

You may be tired of sharing a bathroom, or simply want one of your own. We can help you design and create your very own sanctuary, away from others and completely personalized to your tastes.  Nothing beats some quality time spent in your custom built shower or bath space from Arteek. We have the lighting to create a soothing and warm atmosphere, which can be a great way to relax after a hard day’s work.

Whether your bathroom requires the quick addition of a few cabinets or a maybe a complete bath remodel, the end result will always be the same – perfection. Arteek’s bath store in Orlando has what you need to relax like royalty.

Energy Efficiency

There are so many ways to improve energy efficiency in your bathroom during a remodel or renovation. You can consider water saving faucets and fixtures, bright and colorful flooring and toilets that have “low flow” settings to save on the amount of water you use. You can have brand new windows installed to save on lighting bills and also stop any unwanted drafts in your home, saving you a significant amount of money on heating bills.

Increased Value

Whenever you remodel anything you immediately increase your business or home’s value. Updating the look and feel and simply infusing your establishment with a beautiful design can raise the value of your property significantly.

Come visit our bath store in Orlando today and discover how easy and pleasant your bath construction or remodel can be when you are in the hands of some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff in the business. Feel good about visiting our showroom and bring your ideas to us! We will work with you and find simple solutions to bring your ideas to life and leave you with the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

Author: Arteek |  Date Updated: November 15, 2016

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