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This Italian brand is one of our personal favorites. Our Bertazzoni showroom in Orlando has ranges, cooktops, dishwashers and other appliances for your home or business. Their products are cutting edge and designed with the latest styles in mind, giving your kitchen an extremely luxurious look and feel. Bertazzoni appliances in Orlando aim to create a living space for you that is sure to impress your guests as well as giving you a significantly easier time in your kitchen. Bertazzoni products aren’t just showcased within the walls of our luxury homes store in Orlando; you can see them in millions of homes, hotels, and restaurants across the globe.
Spark your creativity with Bertazzoni kitchen products. Unleash your inner interior decorator with a line of stoves and kitchen accessories that are sure to brighten up your kitchen. Their dishwashers fit seamlessly into the décor of your kitchen, adding some grace and elegance while delivering powerful performance and durability. Visit our Bertazzoni showroom in Orlando for more information.


Professional Series

24 Panel Installed Dishwasher 16 settings 45dB
This Bertazzoni beauty is a 24” XT model which delivers exemplary cleaning performance with 4 water sprayers. Included are high-pressure rotating sprayer arm for the tougher deposits. Bertazzoni appliances in Orlando always give you tons of options, which is why this washer comes with 16 place settings, all thanks to the dedicated, flexible top silverware drawer and the lift-up top basket. When you add in 6 wash cycles and 5 wash options controlled by an LED interface, you have yourself one of the most popular washers on the market. 
24 Panel Installed Dishwasher 14 settings 48dB – Our Bertazzoni showroom in Orlando carries this 24” dishwasher XV model, which offers far superior cleaning performance than most others. With its 3 water sprayers, it has 14 place settings with more than enough flexibility due to the lift-top basket. This washer has 5 wash cycles and 4 wash options which are controlled through concealed LED interface for customized programming. Bertazzoni appliances in Orlando never disappoint, offering this top-of-the-line dishwasher at an extremely reasonable price.

Master Series

24 Panel Installed Dishwasher 16 settings 45dB

This Bertazzoni washer is a 24” XT model that gives you superior cleaning performance with 4 water sprayers including a high-pressure rotating sprayer arm. It houses 16 place settings, 6 wash cycles, and 5 wash options controlled by an LED interface. When it comes to modern technology, no one does it better than Bertazzoni appliances in Orlando.
24 Panel Installed Dishwasher 14 settings 48dB
This 24” dishwasher XV model has 3 sprayers, accommodates 14 place settings, and has more than enough flexibility thanks to the lift-up top basket. Like the professional series, this model has 5 wash cycles and 4 wash options, controlled by an LED interface and offering supreme washing ability.
When you come to our Bertazzoni showroom in Orlando we want you to feel at home. We deliver the best kitchen products around so you can think of Arteek Supply as your one stop shop for any new construction or remodel project. Browse in comfort as you experience the luxury of our brand name products like you’ve never seen them before. Bertazzoni appliances in Orlando take your kitchen very seriously, knowing how important your living space is, delivering the best in functionality and performance.

About Bertazoni

Bertazzoni began in 1880 as Prizer-Painter Stove Works, Inc., and manufactured a full line of residential and commercial coal ranges, hot water heaters, furnaces, and heating stoves at the company’s factory in Reading, Pennsylvania. The handcrafted products were sold under many of the popular brands of the day, and many of those original models are still in service across America.
In 2002, Prizer introduced handcrafted, restaurant-quality ranges for the residential market under the Bertazzoni brand name. Constructed of the highest-quality commercial grade stainless steel, and with specialized technologies such as the UltraNova® 22,000 BTU power burner and the 130 ° F gentle simmer burner, Bertazzoni delivers true restaurant performance to the home chef.
In the first decade of the 21st century, the company has strengthened its reputation as a top manufacturer of high-performance residential ranges with the introduction of fully customizable features and 190 designer color options. Today, Bertazzoni is proud to be considered the cooking equipment of choice for the discerning home chef who demands genuine restaurant results.

Author: Arteek |  Date Updated: August 9, 2017