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“Can a luxurious decision also be a smart investment? With Candlelight Cabinetry, the answer is – Yes.”

Our Candlelight Cabinetry showroom in Orlando is the place to be for top of the line cabinets that are sure to blow your mind. They have a wide selection of woods, finishes and door styles with minimal flaws taken from the very best part of the tree. With Candlelight Cabinetry in Orlando you can get a custom finish for any of your cabinets, making your kitchen stand out above the rest. Every cabinet is sanded and wiped by hand before a bevy of coats of varnish are applied.

Your kitchen is your haven for showcasing your culinary arts and having social gatherings, so make sure you pamper it with Candlelight Cabinetry in Orlando. Get a kitchen that is built to stand the test of time, with heavier construction and their signature drawers, these cabinets are built to show off.

Select Cherry

This hand-sanded and hand-rubbed wood is perfect for an Earthy décor. This Cherry “select” grade has deep patterns and a rich look. Known as the cabinet makers wood, cherry has been a traditional American favorite for generations. The beauty of this wood ensures lasting value and beauty. When you are looking for a Candlelight Cabinetry showroom in Orlando, look no further than Arteek Supply for your cabinets.


This rustic and durable cabinet turns heads at dinner parties. Hickory wood has never looked more beautiful with extreme color variations and interesting grain patterns, you’ll be enjoying your kitchen more than any other room in your house! The natural mineral marks also lend additional interest and character to this beautiful wood. This wood is one of the most durable in the country, so visit our Candlelight Cabinetry showroom in Orlando today to pick out the rustic cabinets you’ve always wanted.

Quarter-sawn White Oak

The unique grain patter is what makes this wood so desirable. Vertical grains that run parallel to each other offer a fantastic look and feel for your kitchen. Quarter-sawn White Oak adds alluring visual eye candy and greatly superior structural qualities. Quarter-sawn White Oak are what moved great artisans to use it, especially during the craftsman era. Discover Candlelight Cabinetry in Orlando and go back to the age of true quality craftsmanship.

Select Maple

This “select” grade wood features an extremely delicate grain patters which blends really well with virtually any décor. From traditional to contemporary, you can enjoy Select Maple wood with a great finish of light or Niagra Mist stains. No other home design center in Orlando can offer the variety that we do. It doesn’t matter what finish you choose for this wood, you can expect a lifetime of beauty and durability.

Select Red Birch

When you think about Candlelight Cabinetry in Orlando, you need to think of the word “unique”. Their Select Red Birch is most likely among their most unique woods. Red Birch is chosen only from the golden brown heartwood of the birch tree, boasting grain patters that typically look more interesting due to the fact that the wood is chosen from the center of the tree. Candlelight Cabinetry in Orlando really goes above and beyond here, offering finishes in natural honey glow stain that give the wood an iridescent look.

Select Red Oak

One of America’s most plentiful and popular hardwoods, this strong, versatile breed can be used to accent any decor.

Rustic Cherry

The elegant grain patters is what makes this choice an easy one. The sophisticated look and feel offers your kitchen something truly luxurious. Candlelight’s Rustic Cherry reveals another dimension to this surprisingly versatile wood, delivering a higher tolerance for grain variation, knots and mineral marks, giving this wood some warmth and character. Visit our Candlelight Cabinetry showroom in Orlando for more details.

Rustic Hickory

For a great rustic look you need to turn to their Rustic Hickory wood. Very well-suited for rustic styles because of the nature of its grain patterns, Candlelight Cabinetry in Orlando offers Rustic-grade Hickory that just amplifies the beauty of any kitchen. With greater variation and contrast in wood grains, along with a greater tolerance for knots and mineral marks, this wood is perfect for anyone who is considering renovating their kitchen.


Candlelight Cabinetry in Orlando has Walnut wood that is steamed and blends lighter sapwood with deeper heartwood. With the color contrasts of creamy brown to gorgeous dark chocolate with purple undertones, it’s hard not to choose this wood for your cabinets.

Silver Birch

We are a home design center in Orlando who stands by Silver Birch, which is ideal for adding beauty and quality to any kitchen. The fine textured heartwood is creamy white and often infused with a touch of delicate pink or golden hue. Absolutely gorgeous. Visit our Candlelight Cabinetry showroom in Orlando for more.

Author: Arteek |  Date Updated: August 24, 2017

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