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cifialWe at Arteek feel it’s necessary to offer a brief history about our partners at Cifial, who deliver to our luxury homes store in Orlando even better products for our valued customers.

With a rich history that dates back 110 years, it’s easy to see why this is worth telling, and getting excited about. Cifial has really made a name for themselves in the Portuguese industry, not only for their ability to adapt to market requirements, but for anticipating trends while keeping themselves on top of their game when it comes to technology. Cifial faucets in Orlando boast the highest quality products because of their highest standards for excellence. It’s because of this that they are in internationally known brand, recognized for excellence and over a century’s worth of experience.

In 1904 the company produced latches, locks, hinges, safes and a number of metal handcrafted products using basic tooling. In the time leading to the Second World War financial problems became an issue with the company. After declaring bankruptcy, the company was bought by José Marques. With the hard work and dedication that he learned from his carpenter father, he was able to get the business on its feet. Before long, Cifial was expanding, reaching further and further to more and more customers (and eventually Cifial faucets in Orlando!). At this time he began to modernize the company, leading the way towards the future of the business. A new stage of modernization was in progress, and the first step of automating the company had begun.

It’s no surprise that we offer a Cifial showroom in Orlando, not only because of the hard work put into their brand, but for their history of overcoming obstacles that we can truly respect. They are highly regarded in this business, so we are happy to offer you such a great brand from a name you can trust. Cifial faucets in Orlando also offer great options and styles that will work with any bathroom or kitchen design. From outdoor kitchen and bar faucets to electronic faucets, all the way to shower heads, Cifial provides about as much selection as you can expect from one of the best in the industry.

Electronic Faucets are the Future

cifialElectronic faucets (or hands-free faucets) seem to be almost everywhere nowadays. There are top designers and contractors who agree that these faucets could be the wave of the future. Typically ideal for people who cook a lot, these Cifial faucets in Orlando seem to excite the chefs of the world, being placed in more and more restaurants. Another type of person who might love electronic faucets would be the “neat freaks” or basically anyone who loves the idea of not having to touch their sink after touching raw chicken. Compared to the traditional Cifial faucets in Orlando, the hands-free variety is a significantly smaller market – but may not be for long.

Even though hands-free faucets are now only starting to break out, they seem to be finding their niche in home renovations and remodels. For contemporary kitchen design in Orlando, it may be wise to look into these elegant products because they aren’t only practical, but they look amazing as well. For homeowners, electronic faucets offer a plethora of advantages, from cleanliness to convenience, which we offer, right here, at our Cifial showroom in Orlando.

Electronic faucets also help you save money on water. They don’t waste, since you walk away, the tap shuts off. No more forgetting to leave your faucets on! Our Cifial showroom in Orlando showcases faucets that can save you up to 70% of water. As consumers get more comfortable with hands-free faucets in their kitchen, manufacturers will continue working on products for the kitchen and bathroom.

cifialKitchen and bathroom renovations are tasks on many homeowners’ checklists, no matter who they are. If some of your improvements on your list involve replacing sink faucets, consider choosing electronic Cifial faucets in Orlando. They’re just the smart thing to do when thinking of ways to save money on energy and water bills, staying hygienic, or just simply wanting to add some sleek beauty to your home. Here are some more examples:

  • Conserve up to 70% of water in your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Super hygienic
  • Easy to use and to install
  • Affordable
  • Take advantage of the latest, most advanced technology.
  • Fast response times
  • Easy to maintain

Selection at Its finest

At Arteek, you are entering a luxury homes store in Orlando who takes you on a journey of design, beauty, and selection. Choose from thousands of different types of faucets, sinks, and showerheads as you search for the perfect touches for your construction project. As you already know, you can browse our Cifial showroom in Orlando with ease and peace of mind knowing you carefully chose the perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom.

Author: Arteek |  Date Updated: November 24, 2016