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DCS from Fisher & Paykel are stunning appliances that everyone needs for their home. Our DCS showroom in Orlando has what you are looking for and more, with their amazing collection of high performance cooking products.


Take a minute to get to know the Fisher & Paykel brand as well as their appliances in Orlando.


DCSDCS is the high-performance cooking brand that pioneered a new category of professional cooking products for the home in the late 1980s. DCS products are powerful, distinctive and built to last. Their difference is in their simplicity. DCS products are built for professional chefs who want the same kind of equipment that they use at work and for people who want to use professional grade cooking products at home.

Fisher & Paykel Appliances markets two brands throughout North America – Fisher & Paykel and DCS by Fisher & Paykel.

The Fisher & Paykel heritage dates back to 1934 where we started as a small company manufacturing designs under license. The brand incorporates the world’s most innovative technologies driven from a passion to produce the most technically advanced, efficient and contemporary styled appliances. Pioneers of the world’s first drawer dishwasher – Dishdrawer – we continue to pave the way for appliance innovation to inspire creative living.

The heritage of our DCS by Fisher & Paykel brand began in the late 1980’s as the country’s leading engineers and designers created the first line of high-end commercial quality appliances. Recognizing the desire for home chefs to master restaurant culinary cooking, DCS expanded to pioneer both indoor and outdoor kitchen solutions for the at home chef to not only cook like a professional but live deliciously.

DCSOver the past 76 years the company has expanded into a global manufacturer with factories on four continents employing over 3300 people with sales in over 60 countries totaling a turnover of over $1Billion.

Drawing on the founding principles of the DCS brand, Fisher & Paykel Appliances continue to leverage the DCS commercial heritage to bring a DCS showroom in Orlando you can be proud of. We will continue to work with these brands to ensure the best possible service to our customers and contractors. They want to bring the cooking tool of a master chef to your home kitchen, outdoors and in. They completely unit style, bringing innovation into your home like you’ve never seen. DCS appliances in Orlando offer modern sophistication and performance as well as durability you can trust. They just unveiled a new collection that is sure to make your jaw drop, featuring strong horizontal lines for style and high levels of durability and quality. From cook tops to ranges, DCS appliances in Orlando has it all designed to give your home chef ultimate control. These appliances are all restaurant standard with the state of the art technology you can rely on. Our DCS showroom in Orlando proudly showcases these appliances from the company that pioneered the first high-end professional grill.

As a leading DCS showroom in Orlando we stand proud to offer these great appliances to our customers. We strongly believe in giving our guests what they want, which includes the best possible products on the market.

Indoor Ranges

DCS appliances in Orlando offer hand-built ranges which are powerful enough to hit those high temperatures easily, sealing in flavor and delivering quality food. They are also precise enough to maintain that heat for a perfect steak or burger.

Built-in Refrigeration

When you think about a home design center in Orlando we want you to think about Arteek Supply and our wide array of built-in refrigerators from DCS. The next generation of family size DCS built-in refrigerators offer a new level of style and satisfaction, designed for easy installation and performance you won’t believe. They are flush fit into new or existing kitchen cabinetry at heights of 72 “, 80″ or 84″ with minimal gaps, they are available in either stainless steel or as integrated models, concealed into cabinetry with a kick strip and custom panel finish. These are an addition to our DCS showroom in Orlando that we are truly proud of.

DCS Air Extract Vents (Vent hoods)

DCS appliances in Orlando offer vent hoods and downdraft systems like you’ve never seen. They effectively extract grease, steam and odors keeping your kitchen fresh and clean. You can enjoy DCS wall mounts vent hoods that come in widths of up to 48” with exhaust setting as well. Perfect for your home or restaurant, these hoods boast generous halogen lighting and optional utensil rail and infrared warming lamps.