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EmtekOne of the reasons why we at Arteek Supply love Emtek simply because of their dedication to helping their customers bring their personal style to life. There is a lot more to door hardware than to open, close, and secure a space. To Emtek Hardware in Orlando it’s about being an integral part of a room’s design theme. It is an extension of your personal style and they are setting out to do more than just blend in.

Our Emtek showroom in Orlando is full of quality hardware and accessories for your home. It’s just another tool that we make available to you in our one stop shop of home design supplies. You are sure to find what you need in our giant showroom, including these Emtek products from Emtek Hardware in Orlando.

New Products from Emtek:

We’re excited to showcase some new product from Emtek Hardware. Listed below are just a few examples of how they are setting the bar for home design hardware.

STRETTO 1.5×5 Narrow Trim Lockset

The norm isn’t enough for Emtek Hardware in Orlando. We encourage you to break the standard and create a refined look with the distinct shape of the STRETTO 1.5×5, the newest member of the STRETTO Collection from Emtek. Uniting with the clean aesthetic of contemporary home design, STRETTO 1.5×5 is a unique, narrow trim option for premium door hardware.

Urban Modern Cabinet Hardware Collection

We are proud to carry the brand new Urban Modern cabinet hardware collection from Emtek Hardware in Orlando. The design takes industrial elements and blends them with geometric forms to complement a wide range of interior styles.

Argos Lever

EmtekWe are happy to be an Emtek showroom in Orlando who carries the new Argos lever. This lever is designed and inspired by Emtek’s popular Helios lever. The Argos features a 90° return on the end of the lever that is designed to sit within ½” of the face of the door in most applications.

Modern Rectangular Pocket Door Mortise Lock

Following the success of the Modern Rectangular design collection, Emtek is introducing this same, sleek style for pocket door mortise locks. This updated design has a d-ring thumbturn for easy operation and a through-bolt lock body for quick installation. Give your pocket doors a clean, contemporary trim style with a high-quality lock. Check out our showroom in Orlando for this wonderful product.

Lowell and Windsor Crystal Door Knobs

Looking for elegance and a touch of luxury? Look no further than our Emtek showroom in Orlando. No matter its shape, crystal adds a touch of splendor to any home design. The Lowell’s multifaceted face captures a classic style, while the Windsor’s simple lines fit a transitional or contemporary theme. Add the look of luxury to your home with crystal door knobs.

Wilshire Collection – New Rosette and Deadbolt

The Wilshire rosette and deadbolt are authentic companion pieces for their matching tubular and mortise entry sets. Create a seamless look for your home.

Tumbled White Bronze for Sandcast Bronze Door Accessories

For a fan of rustic looking homes, complete your home suite with Tumbled White Bronze Door Accessories. In our Emtek showroom in Orlando you can find door pulls, surface bolts, door bells, pocket door mortise locks, house numbers and more in this authentic finish.

UL Listed Spring Hinges with Square Corners

These steel plated products are available in 3.5″ x 3.5″ and 4″ x 4″ sizes and all finishes. Spring Hinges are priced per pair and supplied with screws. Please consult the addendum for full product details.

Square Barrel Hinges in Solid Brass

We are proud to have the innovative new design for hinges by Emtek Hardware in Orlando. Square barrel hinges have a sleek, rectangular look and a three-knuckle interlocking design that makes installation easy and uncomplicated.  These hinges do not require handling and can be installed in either left or right handed doors.

Create a rectangular suite of products for your home with Emtek passage/privacy, entry sets, accessories, and now square barrel hinges.

Tumbled White Bronze – Sandcast Bronze Mortise Entry Sets

Enjoy the security that you get from a mortise entry set paired with the rustic beauty of tumbled white bronze. Browse our showroom in Orlando to take advantage of this house hardware favorite.

Tumbled White Bronze for Sandcast Bronze Cabinet & Bath

This Emtek Hardware in Orlando pays homage to the small details that make something truly unique. The material showcases imperfections that organically occur during the casting process, making each piece of hardware unique.

Satin Brass for Select Emtek Modern Styles

This elegant new finish is available in select modern styles for entrance locksets, sideplates, deadbolts, passage / privacy knobs and leversets, hinges, and multipoint trim.


Author: Arteek |  Date Updated: November 25, 2016