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Huntington Brass supplies kitchen and bathroom faucets which are widely acclaimed across the world. Right here, at our Huntington Brass showroom in Orlando you can find all of their fine products while you browse with ease. We are proud to be partnered with one of the very best in the industry so we at Arteek can give the very best to our customers. When you find yourself contemplating whether you should build, renovate, or remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you need to visit our Huntington Brass showroom in 


Orlando and see why they are considered among the best in the business. Huntington Brass is fully dedicated to manufacturing ama

zing products, all while handing their customers consistency in quality throughout the years. Let us show you first hand, while you browse their great products in the fine comfort of our Huntington Brass showroom in Orlando.

Huntington Brass is a wholesale and OEM plumbing company founded in 1989. Their products can be seen all over the world, showcased in homes, restauran


ts, apartment buildings, and so much more. Illuminating beauty and unmatched function highlight what really makes this brand a favorite to millions of people across the globe. It’s not hard to see why their products ended up in our home design center in Orlando.

Huntington Brass offers two ranges of products: the Professional Collection and the Platinum Collection. Both can be found in our Huntington Brass showroom in Orlando. The Professional Collection features a basic line of products, with a simple, modest appearance that are reasonably priced. The Platinum Collection features high-end products which exhibit a correspondingly high level of design and finish, and a larger range of applications.

With so many quality Huntington Brass faucets in Orlando to choose from, it’s easy to see why Arteek Supply is the home design center you can rely on for options. Your home kitchen and bathroom projects don’t have to be stressful and time-consuming. Instead of visiting multiple stores, online shops, and warehouses, consider Arteek Supply as the one stop shop who has your best interests in mind. We strive each and every day to alleviate that stress and hand you everything that you are looking, for on a silver platter, in the form of a home design center in Orlando you can rely on.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

One of the things we always say here at Arteek is that education breeds happiness. We don’t only want to be the company who offers you great service; we want to help you in all aspects of your home improvement, including a glimpse into our Huntington Brass faucets in Orlando. We also want to provide education on cleaning and maintaining your Huntington Brass products. If there’s anything Arteek can do to make your next home renovation or remodel a great success, just name it, we will do it. This includes providing the best quality brands in our Huntington Brass showroom in Orlando.

From the good folks at Huntington Brass:

Huntington Brass recommends cleaning your faucet with only soap and warm water. The use of any abrasive cleaners or chemicals will void the finish warranty of you HB product. Even if your faucet has a PVD finish we still recommend using only soap and warm water. Although PVD finishes are scratch resistant on the surface, excessive rubbing and use of abrasives can over time cause the undesirable effects. HB also recommends waxing your faucet to protect the finish and ensure long lasting color and durability. Therefore, after cleaning the faucet with soap and warm water, dry the faucet and apply a coat of standard car wax (Note: make sure you are not using rubbing compound) and remove with a dry cloth. This will ensure that you HB product looks and functions beautifully for many years to come.

What kind of cleaning products to use on your Huntington Brass faucets?

Any type of industrial cleaner or abrasive material can potentially cause damage to the finish of you HB product. Refrain from using any such chemical or abrasives such as toilet bowl cleaners, concentrated cleaners & disinfectants, scrubbing pads, steel wool, etc., especially anything containing alcohol or acetone. The use of any of these products on you HB faucet and/or fixture will immediately void the finish warranty.

How to clean your Huntington Brass shower head


To clean your HB shower head first check and see what kind of shower head it is. If your shower head has “Easy Clean” rubber nipples then you can simply wipe the face of the shower to loosen any deposits in the rubber nipples. If your shower head does not have rubber nipple then you can use a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water to clean away any areas with excessive deposits. Try to let the solution come in contact with the finished areas of the shower head as little as possible.

Tips like these are likely to save you a ton of money and hassle because you’ve been cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms the wrong way. Save yourself some problems and come visit our showroom to see why Huntington Brass faucets in Orlando are the clear choice. Shop in the comfort of our facility, taking in each and every different Huntington Brass plumbing fixture with ease and peace of mind knowing you’ve come to the right place for home construction, remodel and renovation. Our Huntington Brass showroom in Orlando is sure to take your breath away and make your next project a true success.

Author: Arteek |  Date Updated: August 24, 2017