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Villeroy and BochVilleroy and Boch in Orlando provides innovative products worldwide which contribute to their brand awareness. Here at Arteek, we are proud to be partnered with such an innovative and high quality brand. They’ve had sales success in 125 countries, offering beautiful products for your kitchen and bathroom and can be viewed at our Villeroy & Boch showroom in Orlando.


NewWave is a completely new, asymmetrical design with square and waved shapes. This design received the German Business Innovation Award in 2004 and we’re proud to offer it here in our Villeroy & Boch showroom in Orlando.


This product sets the standard for perfect hygiene, offering rimless DirectFlush where the conventional flushing rim is replaced with an intelligent water flow that rinses the entire interior of the bowl, without over splashing. You can feel free to browse our luxury homes store in Orlando to catch a glimpse of this fantastic product. Save water and take advantage of exemplary flushing efficiency that ensures the rinsing of the entire bowl.


Villeroy & Boch in Orlando offers the elegant Quaryl, which is a combination of acrylic and the hard natural mineral quartz. This was developed exclusively for the manufacture of high quality baths and shower trays. These ultra hygienic baths also radiate a brilliant sheen, brightening up your bathroom space and making for an elegant touch.

JetPak™ II Technology

Villeroy and BochThis technology by Villeroy & Boch in Orlando is simply amazing. Interchangeable jetted backs for the SPA seats makes this addition a must have. This doesn’t need any piping behind the JetPacks, which allows seats to be moved toward the spa exterior, increasing legroom exponentially. Optimal SPA performance is achieved by the water being pressed by powerful pumps in the Aqua & Air-Unit behind the jets. The air is sucked in from above, mixes with the water and is forced through the jets. Visit our Villeroy & Boch showroom for more information about this modern favorite.

Omnia GreenGain

The Omnia GreenGain is innovation at its finest. It’s the first wall mounted WC to use only 3.5 litres of water per flush. That is 2.5 less than a conventional system. By saving up to 40% water you are certainly bound to save some money as well, helping the environment and your bank account. If the economy button of the dual-flush system is selected, the WC uses just 2 litres of water per flush. This also makes the Omnia GreenGain WC a particularly attractive solution for project planners.


This urinal is a favorite. Visit our Villeroy & Boch showroom in Orlando to experience this urinal with its functional minimalist design is particularly suited for use in public buildings. Thanks to its flexible water inlet and adjustable waste outlet, the height of which can be adjusted by 55 mm, the urinal is exceptionally easy to install. It is also very maintenance friendly. The patented cartridge ViChange is a functional highlight, allowing the siphon to be changed without the urinal having to be removed from the wall. Villeroy & Boch in Orlando really take everything into consideration, including true innovation and utmost attention to detail when it comes to their quality bathroom and kitchen products.

Author: Arteek |  Date Updated: November 25, 2016

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