2017 Kitchen cabinets trends

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2017 Kitchen cabinets trends

In most modern homes kitchen is key place. Kitchen cabinets are one of the first elements that attract the eye in the kitchen.

This is the place where people gather, families enjoy their meals, friends get together and celebrate special occasions. This is the place for many celebrations.

Bold is brave

A lot of appliances are silver, black, or white. So people tend to add more color on the surfaces.

In 2017 there are bolder colors that complement stainless steel appliances. Darker cabinet colors are in style, along with white cabinet options.

People tend to add more colors at various places. There are more kitchens that are going away from one color as flat and adding more colors to define different pictures of kitchen.

It was also popular to add two colors to kitchen cabinets. It adds extra element and contrast for kitchen cabinets.

There is a large variety of brands that offer large selections of colors. But it is important to know and plan ahead and make the right decision before making the final selection. Bring the sample color elements to a design store and have a consultation with the specialist.

Before buying cabinets, identify your goals and have at least an idea what style you are looking for. Have a consultation with the specialists. They might point out things that you didn’t even think about.

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